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Friday, August 13, 2010

Let us go... [and we’ll come again]


Here we are... We’ve been waiting for this moment and you knew it would come... It’s only for a little while though… And you KNOW we have to take separate vacation… I may love you in autumn, and winter, and spring but if I spent all summer with you I’ll hate you…
So I’ll see you again in autumn dear big city. And we will work together, and go out, and meet our friends, and shop, and feel happy, and then feel sad, and you won’t have parking space, and you will make me be late, and until next summer you will wear me out so I’ll leave you again… [get it now?]

Until then all I ask is a fortnight away… To get some rest, to clear my thoughts, to swim and get a suntan, to drink cocktails and taste some local food… To miss you…

Have a great weekend.
See you again in September.


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