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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day of summer…

Sarakiniko_beach-IthakiSarakiniko Beach, Ithaki ♥

Is it? You may ask, since the weather wont give up to autumn…
So I’m here a day earlier just to think of summer moments in the island of Odysseus…

* A truly cold, deep and crystal clear sea [Ionian]
* Large pebbles that won’t fit between toes [not true]
* My new white and blue lighthouse [the most perfect souvenir]
* Kantouni tavern in Vathi Ithaki [tasty stuff]
* The day trip to Gidaki bay [got a sunburn but it was worth it]
* The old bookseller who gave me grapes as a gift after buying 2 books from him [marketing? just kidding]
* Where rainbows end [by Cecelia Ahern]
* Having grapes washed in the sea for lunch [the old bookseller’s gift]
* Alicelia mansion [and its perfect bathroom]
* Sarakiniko beach and Filiatro beach [the first one for its unique beauty and quietness the second one for being the only one having a beach bar]

* The lost caretta catreta sea turtle swimming near by [so sweet - and rare]
* Sending postcards [to dear ones]
* Blood thirsty donkeys [ : ) ]
* [and] The revenge of the zombie donkeys [ : D ]
* Not [ever] feeling homesick

I ♥ Ithaki

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