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Friday, September 07, 2012

Traveling… [Friday thoughts]


Do you enjoy travelling?

I've been thinking I’m the kind of person who doesn’t enjoy the trip… the kind of person who wants to get there fast.

I don’t want to wait; I don’t want to be patient. I want to reach my destination fast so I have time to see everything there is to be seen.

And now that I come to think of it I might be doing that almost in every aspect of my life. I. Am. Not. Patient. Not at all. And I tend to give up just before I’m done…

Like this summer when we visited Granada. We had to take a 5 hour trip on a not-so-nice bus [because our base was in another town of Andalusia]. And when we got there I looked around so disappointed [BUT thank God I didn’t share my thoughts with the others]. Then we took a taxi to the center of the city and BHAM! Probably one of the most beautiful [and different] places I have ever visited in my life. Love at first site. And just about 10 minutes from the disappointing bus station [shame on me].
And the year before that it took us 10 hours on a ship to reach my dream island. And when we did reach it, it sure was worth it…

So life should have taught me by know that in order to get something good you have to wait a while. I mean if I hadn’t made it through 2 flights and a 5 hour bus trip then I wouldn’t probably have this great picture taken by my sister; nor the wonderful memories.

Which trip do you cherish or really wish for?

Have a nice weekend :)

I'm the one with the long skirt in the middle of the picture. Yeahhh :-D

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