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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Summer routine

This summer I decided to use anti-cellulite products [need I say why?]. Anyhow, since I am a huge fan of “almost natural” products that contain as little synthetic ingredients as it is possible, I found Body Shape, the Anti-Cellulite product line from Apivita.

So here goes my almost one week routine:

3 times a week I have to use the Body Scrub in order to exfoliate and prepare my skin for the other products. Tip: don’t use it with a lot of water on your skin.
Every day I use the Natural Soap with Seaweed, also to prepare my skin [I’m not sure what the lady in the store said about the amount of water here but if it’s not used on soaked skin it kind of hurts].
After having a shower I apply a small amount of Concentrated Serum only on localized fat.
I let it absorb for a few minutes and then I apply Anti-Cellulite Firming Cream all over my legs [the lady on the store said it can be applied anywhere on the body except from the bust area].
Ok, so are you bore yet? Cause here comes the ugly pat [just kidding!]. Every night I use the Body Massage Oil. It is not as oily as I was afraid of but it needs some massage and if course you have to use it on nighttime so you may be bored or too tired to even bother.
So here goes nothing, so far I’m pretty happy with the feeling of these products but I’ll have to use them at least for a month to see if they actually work.

For those of you leaving in Greece: Do Not buy them from a pharmacy before you check the beauty stores and the offers they have there. I leave in Athens and there was a huge price difference. I’m not sure if this applies to other countries as well.

So please let me know do you have a summer beauty routine you follow? Have you tried the Apivita line?

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