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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home sweet home

I love shopping for the house and I enjoy it very much when I can browse a collection from the shop’s web page.

Last week I was in Kolonaki and I visited a store I really like but I don’t get to go often since I’m not a downtown gal.

Although I made a quick promise to myself not to have anything just before entering the store the case changed when I got in. Damn the sales! :)

As soon as I made my purchase [details below] the cashier gave me the store’s card and informed me that they have a new web site. “You can see all of our stuff and the prices!” she said enthusiastically. “Great”, I replied thinking I would be able to “visit” the shop as much and whenever I wished.

So here is what I got: wooden seashells [for the bathroom] and a wooden leaf [for the kitchen table]:

And here is what I would like to have next time I’m there:

Some really nice items as well are:

Visit fenalie here

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