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Monday, July 12, 2010

Am I being silly?

SillyBandzThe new [kids’] trend is called Silly Bands [plastic bracelets] and it’s all over the US elementary schools.

So if you don’t live in the US or you don’t have a child going to school in the US why should you know about this?

Well it seems that they are becoming a trend among adults too…

Fashion icons like Sara Jessica Parker and Mary Cate Olsen have already added them to their wardrobes.


Many find this not right while others find it ok [a pursue of youthfulness].
My opinion? I’ve already ordered a pack of 24 on Amazon [since they are not available in Greece]… :)

Want one?

photos via ivillage, thedailytruffle & Silly Bandz


marmelade said...

I love American silly trends! ♥
what about to make it Greek silly summer trend?! ;)

miss s said...

it's on the way... ;)

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